Kolorful Koons

DSC01120 DSC01126 DSC01150 DSC01147 DSC01145 DSC01137I took these photos at the Whitney Museum, on 75th and Madison, for its final exhibit before relocating to the Meatpacking District. Its new downtown site is designed by the famed architect Renzo Piano, and will be opening in the spring of 2015.  The final exhibit is a Jeff Koons retrospective.  It covers a wide range of works dating from the 1970’s to the present.  I loved the exhibit but I must confess that I found some pieces baffling and others shocking.  Whatever the case, it has attracted a lot of visitors, has started countless conversations about what art is, and has shown what a fertile mind the artist Jeff Koons has.  The exhibit closes this Sunday, October 19th, but will remain open for 36 consecutive hours, beginning tomorrow at 11 am and closing the following day at 11 pm.  If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should take the time to check out this exciting exhibit, the answer is GO! It’s worth it, I promise! 

Friend or Faux

IMG_0323 IMG_0324

This shearling-style vest is both friend and faux.  It is ‘friend’ because it is reasonably priced, comfortable, warm, and stylish, all at the same time.  It is ‘faux’ because it is made out of a synthetic material that mimics the look of shearling, while sparing the life of a lamb.   

Humans of Madrid

A city’s architecture makes up its backbone but its citizens make up its heart and soul.  That is why I absolutely love photographing random people when I travel abroad.  I imagine the lives that they lead, the interests that they pursue, and the relationships that they have.  I snapped these pictures in Madrid on my recent trip to Spain.  The subjects come from all walks of life and each represents an element of Madrileño life that makes up the heart and soul of this beautiful city.DSC00068 DSC00143 DSC00152 DSC00181 DSC00268 DSC00294 DSC00322 DSC00398




Casually Dressy

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sometimes I like to mix dressy pieces with casual ones. That way I don’t feel overly dressy or overly casual.  On this particular occasion, I am wearing a lace-trimmed, black mini skirt with a bulky, black, cable knit sweater. I could have worn heals with this outfit for a dressier look but the flat oxford shoes, that I am wearing, underscore the more casual feel of the outfit.

And of course, a couple of photos that I took!!


Empire State of Mind

I spent a gorgeous September day wondering around the City.  I started off uptown, made my way to the Nomad Hotel on Broadway and 28th, with its gorgeous terrace overlooking the Empire State Building, and ended up downtown in Soho.  I just love it down there.  While SoHo has seen plenty of gentrification and construction of new buildings over the years, it still retains its old world charm.  The cobblestone streets, the old-fashioned industrial-looking buildings, and the occasional graffiti-covered doorway make this a great backdrop for photos and a fun area to walk around. 

IMG_0409 IMG_0416 IMG_0420For my foray downtown, I wore my tattered American Eagle jeans, an unstructured Aqua gray sweater, a pair of spotless converse high tops, and my new favorite distressed gray bag.

And of course, I seized the opportunity to snap some pics:)
IMG_0413 IMG_0411IMG_0412

Leather Weather

IMG_0215IMG_0219I often talk about weather because it is one of the factors that dictate what we wear each day.  When fall begins, as it did the other day, I start living in my leather (or my vegan leather, otherwise known as pleather) jackets.  As the temperatures dip down, I add heavier sweaters, throw on scarves and hats, and try to maximize the length of time that I can wear my leather before covering it with a bulky parka.  Enjoy the leather weather!:)

NFL: Child Abuse Is Never In Style

IMG_0218      When pictures surfaced, recently, of the injuries inflicted upon a defenseless, four-year old boy by his own father, NFL player Adrian Peterson, people were outraged.  It sparked a lot of discussion about what constitutes inappropriate punishment of a child.  Spanking may have been acceptable at one time but it is not acceptable now.  Utilizing a switch, which is a wooden whip made from a tree branch, is even worse than a spank.  It is child abuse, plain and simple and CHILD ABUSE IS NEVER IN STYLE.  Parents are supposed to protect their children and love them unconditionally, not harm and terrify them.   I am glad that the NFL got the message that the only choice was to suspend this player.  Doing anything less would be condoning this abuse.   

Jumping the Gun

IMG_0212IMG_0214 IMG_0213I may have jumped the gun on fall but I was beginning to grow tired of my summer attire.  I don’t want to wish away this beautiful, mild weather but I was ready for some new clothing options.  I wear much of my clothing year after year but I always like to get a few new things to freshen up my wardrobe:). A pair of pristine black leather boots is always high on my list each fall. The leather jacket is from seasons ago but the ombre J. Crew scarf is new (and happens to go with so many things!).

Seasonal Adjustment

photo-3photo 1IMG_0195
We are on the cusp of a new season when we begin to change over our wardrobes from summer to fall. It is somewhat gradual because the temperatures are still mild and beautiful.  I wore cut-off jeans for my nod to summer but brought out my black suede booties and a lightweight sweater for my nod to fall.

Gray Matter

IMG_0192 IMG_0193 IMG_0190Psychologically, summer ends for most of us on Labor Day and, unfortunately, Labor Day came way too early this year.  (The good news is that it will come nearly a week later, next year.)  Anyhow, without even realizing just how sad the end of summer made me, I put on this outfit consisting entirely of grays and black.  While I love gray and black for late fall and winter, I usually opt for light or bright colors during the warm, sunny days of summer.  This was obviously a subconscious choice reflecting the sullen mood that the end of summer caused.