Hold Your Horses!

Mayor DeBlasio backed off of his campaign promise to ban horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.  I guess that he came to the realization that there are grave problems that plague the city and horse-drawn carriages are not among them.  In fact, these carriages are an institution in this New York City and tourists come here expecting to take a spin around Central Park in one of them. Hopefully, there are proper safeguards in effect that ensure the safety and proper treatment of the horses.  The mayor and the city council can impose rules that protect the horses from overwork and poor living conditions and anyone maltreating a horse should have their license revoked. 

On Thin Ice

Today was a perfect day to go ice skating.  The sun was shining and the temperatures were cold but not freezing. The crowd waited patiently as the Zamboni — that’s the name of the ice resurfacing machine — smoothed the ice from the previous session.  People love skating on newly resurfaced ice because it is smoother and, therefore, faster.  The rink has the name Trump emblazoned all around it.  It is named for Trump, the guy running for President, who thinks very highly of himself and will say just about anything that pops into his head. Whatever one thinks of his politics, his organization certainly runs a nice rink. It is situated at the southern end of Central Park with boulders, trees, and skyscrapers surrounding it. 

The Cup Controversy

A controversy over a cup?  I must say that the Starbucks holiday cup is a little bland this year, but it is certainly not an assault on Christmas.  There are so many ills in the world: disease, terrorism, and poverty, to name a few.  I wish that the boycotters would devote their time and energy toward eliminating these devastating problems and leave the coffee cups alone.

Hit The Ground Running

I took up cross country running because it is a life long sport that I can do anywhere that life takes me.  It requires no special equipment, nor expensive court reservations.  I can do it with a friend, a team, or on my own.  
Running has many health benefits*, both physical and mental.  It improves pulmonary and cardiovascular health, strengthens and lengthens the legs and other body parts, and it relaxes and clears the mind.  Some people truly love running; others tolerate it, but all benefit from it.  Running in the woods, as we do, can be tricky as one navigates rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles. Races are usually no more than 5 kilometers, which is not especially long, but when participants race on hilly, uneven, obstacle-laden courses, 5 km can be grueling.  The sense of accomplishment, at the end of a race, is immeasurable.  
Always consult a doctor before engaging in any strenuous, physical activities.

Really Into Red

My wardrobe generally consists of neutral colors such as grays and blacks, and my lip products tend to be colorless.  Recently, I have begun experimenting with reds.  I feel a little self-conscious wearing red, but I also feel a bit bold and daring.  Find the shade that suits you.  It doesn’t have to be fire engine-red;  it could be wine, maroon, or burgundy, too.

Masks = Chic and Easy Costumes

My friend and I decided to dress up together to attend a Halloween party.  We couldn’t agree upon a costume.  We knew that we wanted to keep it simple and wear something that we already owned.  We considered being vampires, black swans, or devils, each of which would entail the purchase of an inexpensive accessory.  Ultimately, we decided that we would don a great mask and call it a day.  I scoured the internet and found this beautiful mask for a paltry sum of money.  We weren’t anything specific, but we felt great and we did not break the bank.


Some New Yorkers really get into the Halloween spirit.  I love seeing the extent to which some homeowners go to decorate their houses. I bet that a few hire professional decorators to deck out their homes.  A few of the displays that I have seen are downright creepy with bloody heads impaled on stakes, and corpses hanging from windows.  It is fun to look at, but I have observed a few terrified children, screaming as they pass by some of the scarier homes.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!